Discover the Famous Beaches & Attractions in the Popular Hawaiian Island of Oahu

Whether you want to try surfing at some of the most famous locations in the world, hike the famous Diamond Head crater, experience the famous Waikiki- a city on the beach, or explore one of the world’s most unusual aquariums, Oahu has a unique charisma that appeals to everyone at all ages.

Situated northwest of Molokai and southeast of Kauai, the “Emerald Isle” of Oahu is, perhaps, the most popular among all of the Hawaiian Islands because of its many famous attractions. The famous Waikiki Beach is home to the world’s “longest-running beach party” and is a 1.5 mile stretch of beautiful beach backed by high-rise hotels and an upbeat beach town. Over five million people from around the globe visit Waikiki each year. Be sure not to miss the Waikiki Aquarium, and plan to spend several hours here as there are unique fish and other creatures to discover in this small, but first-class aquarium.

The North Shore on Oahu is another destination that offers a unique experience. If you are looking for a less “tourist-like” beach, the North Shore is the place to visit because of the more rural setting. You can watch some of the best surfers in the world in that area as well. Sunset beach is a particularly famous beach to watch the surfers. During the summer months, the waters become calm and safe for swimmers but waves during the winter months can be as tall as 20 feet with a “pipeline that draws surfer dudes” from around the globe.

Pokai Bay is more of an off-the-beaten-path beach location. A reef that provides calm waters and a safe-for-swimming area surrounds the bay. Snorkeling is also excellent here.

If you are a fearless snorkeler you may want to try snorkeling at Shark’s Cove. While the name can be deceiving, sharks have not been known to lurk in these waters. The area offers some of the best snorkeling in Oahu. Waves splash over the natural lava grotto and pour down like waterfalls into a pool of tropical fish. There are also deep-sea caves you can explore to the right side of the cove.

Beaches aside, there are many other attractions and sites to visit and explore on Oahu. The USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor attracts numerous visitors daily. This world famous site is a heart wrenching experience, as the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, catapulted the United States into World War II and resulted in the death of 1,177 sailors and Marines.

The Diamond Head Crater, visible from Waikiki, was created by a volcanic explosion a half a million years ago! A walk to the top of the 750-foot volcanic cone provides spectacular 360-degree views of Oahu and Waikiki. The round-trip (both up the crater and back down) is approximately 1.4 miles and takes about 1.5 hours.

There are many more attractions, beaches, and excursions to add to the excitement and the memories of your vacation in Hawaii. Marvelous Travel can provide more details so contact Marv Weber at (610) 277-6165.