Self-Exploration on the Beautiful Hawaiian Island of Kauai 

“Hawaii’s Island of Discovery” will leave you breathless as you explore the wonder of Waimea Canyon, the beauty of unique and “secret” beaches, the exciting hiking trails, and snorkel through the clear-waters that the beautiful island has to offer. Hawaii’s fourth largest and northern-most island of Kauai provides plenty of exciting entertainment through self-guided adventures across the breathtaking landscape of green forests and clear-water beaches.

Often referred to as the “Garden Isle,” Kauai contains emerald valleys, sharp mountain tops, and jagged cliffs that have been weathered over-time. Tropical rainforests, rivers and waterfalls have formed over centuries of growth, and parts of Kauai are only accessible by sea or air, revealing almost unbelievable views and experiences.

The beauty and unique terrain of “Hawaii’s Island of Discovery” gives way to plenty of opportunity for exploration and adventure. An essential destination of discovery is Waimea Canyon, located in the southwest area of the island, and often called “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Fourteen miles long and 3,600 feet deep, the main road, Waimea Canyon Drive, takes you to overlooks of the canyon.

Beginner and seasoned hikers alike can enjoy the trails of Waimea Canyon. Furthermore, the “Garden Isle” provides plenty of other hiking trails with spectacular views across varying terrains. One of the most famous and notable trails is the Kalalau trail.

This strenuous, yet spectacular, 11-mile hike along the Napali cliff region provides wondrous ocean views as you trek along switchbacks that take you into forest and then back out to the ocean. Recreational hikers can enjoy the first two-and-a-half miles of the trail, which will take you to Hanakapiai Beach, a beautiful area nestled like a jewel in a terraced valley. Note: hiking past this point requires a day-use permit issued from the division of state parks.

Although too dangerous for swimming, Hanakapiai Beach is a wonder to view and explore. Many other beaches in Kauai provide a unique beach experience, one that cannot be had in other tropical island destinations. From hidden coast locations to family friendly beaches, the “Garden Isle” has a beach to offer every personality.

Hanalei Bay is one of the most famous and popular beaches on the island, located on the north shore. During the summer months, the bay offers excellent waters for sailing, paddle boarding and swimming. Also located on the north shore, is Kalihiwai Beach, a family-friendly beach with gentle waves.

As there are many other beaches to discover, it is important to note the hidden-charm of several beaches, including Larson Beach and the appropriately-named, Secret Beach. Well off of the beaten path, you have to hike down and then back up a rocky and somewhat treacherous trail to reach this beautiful area. The 7-minute trek to Secret Beach culminates with a grand stretch of sand and shining clear-water seas.

Snorkeling is ever-popular on the “Garden Isle” because of its charming snorkeling locations with clear waters and highly visible underwater wildlife. Poipu Beach, once named America’s Best Beach, is one of the most popular areas for visitors, locals, and marine life. Perhaps most famous for the endangered Hawaiian monk seals that occasionally sunbathe on the shore, it is also not uncommon to spot humpback whales off shore.

Snorkeling is also popular at the quaint location of Queen’s Bath, a “pool” that has been formed over many years that flows into the ocean and allows marine life to swim in and out. The area is accessible via a short trail and is a sinkhole surrounded by igneous rock. Located on the north shore, near the town of Princeville, swimming here during the winter months is dangerous as wave activity can be volatile and violent.

Whether you want to take an 11-mile hike, snorkel calm waters, explore Waimea canyon or just drive around and wonder at the beauty of “Hawaii’s Island of Discovery,” you will not be disappointed. The geologically ever-changing landscape and unique wonders of Kauai make it a destination for people of all ages. Don’t hesitate, book your Kauai vacation through Marvelous Travel today by calling (610)-277-6165.