Travel Agent Vs. Consultant: What’s the Difference? 

For those looking for expert travel advice, there are two types of professionals to contact: a travel agent and a travel consultant. But what’s the difference?

One of these people is considered a dying breed. Although they still exist, travel agents’ primary roles have changed. They originally got their titles because they were “agents” to the airlines. They answered calls and booked trips, serving as order takers. Today, agents generally work as hourly employees for small, independent companies in business offices or strip malls and have little capital or free time with which to travel themselves.

A “travel consultant” is now more valuable than ever. S/he has the knowledge and first-hand travel experiences to share with people looking to book their vacation. These people seek choices with good value, something an agent or the internet may not be able to offer. Cyberspace is, after all, not reality.

Marv and Sue Weber of Marvelous Travel in Plymouth Meeting, PA have a lifetime of vacationing and 20 years of professional experience as owners and managers of two travel agencies, earning them their travel consultant status.

“As a travel consultant, I will work for you, not for travel suppliers or airlines, and help you make decisions based on what’s best for you,” says Marv. “Marvelous Travel gives clients choices and advice on particular destinations, tours, and cruise lines to create vacations that fit their needs and budgets. We maintain personal connections with our service providers.”

In the age of technology, when most people have access to online travel booking tools, the role of the travel consultant has grown dramatically. According to a 2013 Washington Post travel article, many vacationers ask professionals to sort fact from fiction after much Internet research. Online information is not always factual or reliable, so people refer to travel agents to confirm that what they see online is what they’ll find at their destinations.

Marvelous Travel, an agency based near Philadelphia, has the resources to plan international getaways, cruises, destination weddings, and more. Founders Marv and Sue Weber speak from personal experience when helping clients plan their dream vacations. To learn more about Marvelous Travel’s services, contact their offices at (610) 277-6165.

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