An All-Inclusive Vacation Could be Your Best Choice

At first, an all-inclusive package may appear to be an expensive vacation. In reality, it is often the best value for many travelers. The package will allow you to choose among various activities, food items and beverages. Let’s explore some of the bigger questions involved with an all-inclusive vacation.

1. What does an “all-inclusive package” include?
The room/suite is included, as well as unlimited food and unlimited drinks. No longer will the price (or even the uncertainty of new or different foods or beverages) be an excuse for ordering from the usual, everyday menu items. There are so many options available with both unlimited food and beverages and you can always go for a additional appetizer, entree or dessert if you want one. Also included are: ground transfers, kids’ clubs, evening shows, scheduled adult activities, access to a fitness center and night clubs.

2. What may NOT be included in an “all-inclusive” package?
Make sure to ask your travel consultant at Marvelous Travel about gratuities. Sometimes all tips are included in the package and sometimes they are not. Spa treatments and motorized activities on the water, such as scuba diving and skiing, are usually not included. Also, unusual food (e.g. lobster) or top shelf alcohol may not be included.

3. Is there a catch to buying an “all-inclusive” package?
Some resorts include more than others. It’s the value that counts. Again – rely on your experienced travel consultant to help you book the right room/suite at the right resort.

4. Who needs an “all-inclusive” vacation?
If you have a specific budget, a pre-set limit, this is the way to go. If you want the most for less, chose to travel to an all-inclusive. However, avoid the cheapest one – you will get what you pay for and, if you buy a 2 or 3- star, it is unlikely to meet your expectations.

5. What resorts are good for which reasons?
At an adults-only resort, couples can enjoy a romantic get-away on a white, powder-sand beach at sundown. Singles can relax undisturbed by a loud child or boisterous party crowd. You can spend time at a swim-up bar or night club without being bothered by a crowd of teenagers.

Families can enjoy the benefits of an all-inclusive vacation package. Take your children on vacation without worrying about racking up a lot of extra costs.

Groups of all kinds – wedding, friends and family reunions, and business incentive groups benefit greatly from group pricing and pre-set arrangements.

There are over 100 high quality, all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. Consider an all-inclusive vacation for your next trip. It will give you unique options and keep the cost of the vacation under control. For more information on all-inclusive vacation packages, contact Marvelous Travel at (610)-277-6165, or visit them at: