European River Cruising: Some Risk, High Reward

River cruising in Europe is currently one of the most requested vacation travel packages. From traveling down the historic Rhine or Danube to sight-seeing on the Tiber, river cruising is becoming the hottest ticket in the vacation marketplace.

Well known, highly rated river cruise lines are christening multiple vessels every year. However, this rapid expansion has led to congestion in some of the world’s most beautiful rivers and river valleys. This unintended consequence of growth from AmaWaterways, Avalon, Viking, or Uniworld is a concern of the companies and the international community.

The risk of flooding is also of concern to ships on the river. Rivers rise and recede throughout the seasons, causing trouble for vacationers who rely on these waterways’ safety. There are occasional changes in itineraries and even cancellations due to flooding. Wise travelers should heed their travel consultants’ advice and purchase travel insurance when booking this vacation.

 A well-timed river cruise can be one of the most scenic and engaging vacations you have ever taken. Europe’s beautiful rivers give passengers easy access to the great cities and villages along the Rhine, the Elbe, and the Danube:

1. A trip down the Rhine would be an incredible experience you would not soon forget. The Rhine flows from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea and forms Germany’s western border. It is here that one can see the castles and fortifications devised over the years as a natural defense. Now these historic sites can be enjoyed by all.

2. The Elbe is the Rhine’s counterpart in the east. The Elbe rises out of the mountains in the Northern Czech Republic, flows through Bohemia and Germany, and drains into the Black Sea at the port city of Hamburg. One top site on the Elbe is the viaduct (water bridge) at Madgeburg that carries shipping traffic on a canal over the Elbe.

3. The Danube is just as scenic and engaging. As the second longest river in Europe (to the Volga in Russia), you can take this route through some of central Europe’s most beautiful sights–specifically the capitals of Austria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. Passing through Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, the Danube will allow you to experience natural and metropolitan attractions within a walk or short ride of the ship..

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