Explore Spain: Visit World-Renowned Metropolitan Centers and Charming Towns Located Inland and On the Coast

Your journey awaits you as you start your tour of Spain off in Málaga at the Costa del Sol. Offering a number of beautiful beaches along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Costa del Sol is a mecca for beach-goers and provides pleasant beach weather almost year-round.

Try Playamar beach in Torremolinos, a beautiful beach in the Costa del Sol that features shows and performances during the summer months. Characterized by numerous apartment buildings that line the beachfront, Torremolinos is a charming beach town offering a pleasant blend of both tourists and locals.

Travel just a bit northeast of Málaga and the Costa del Sol and you will find Granada. The Alhambra is one of the most famous historical destinations and cultural attractions in the city. An Islamic Palace that became so in 1933, the Alhambra was originally built as a fortress in 889!

Next stop, Seville, or Sevilla, a beautiful, charming city with both history and fun activities, Seville contains Spain’s only river-port. Taking a boat cruise along the river is an exciting way to take in Seville and it’s beautiful lights at night. Alternatively, you can walk the streets of Seville, strolling in and out of bars sampling tapas (mini appetizers). Don’t forget to take in a Flamenco show here, watch talented dancers perform one of Spain’s most popular and talked-about dances.

cathedral in spainThe beauty of Seville is also present in its historical locations, as the Cathedral of St. Mary is one of the largest among medieval and gothic cathedrals. With a lavishly decorated interior (gold is omnipresent here), the cathedral was built between 1401 and 1519. Climb the ramps of La Giralda tower, attached to the Cathedral, for a bird’s eye view of the charming city.

We now head to Córdoba, a quaint town located almost directly north of Málaga. It has been approximated that this town was actually the most populated in the world during the 10th century and currently, its Old Town is the second most populous Old Town area in the world. There are 3 remaining gates, of the original 13, between the large Roman walls that surround Old Town.

Perhaps the most important symbol of the city is the Great Mosque of Córdoba, the current cathedral, located alongside the Roman Bridge. Other Roman remains can also be seen in the quaint town. We now travel into the heart and center of Spain, to Madrid.

The capital and largest city in Spain, Madrid offers everything from popular museums and bullfighting, to delicious chocolate churros. While the Plaza Mayor features the Royal Palace, there are also a number of enormous cathedrals and churches featuring medieval architecture. Although in current times, Madrid is just as much of a modern-day city as London, England and Paris, France.

The Prado Museum is full of beautiful art, paintings, sculptures, and other exhibits. You can spend one hour or ten here, depending on your personal taste for art and how much time you want to spend observing the aesthetically pleasing visuals. Maybe a going to see a bullfight is more your speed.

Las Ventras Bullring, known to be the birthplace of bullfighting, is where you can experience a bullfight, a well-known Spanish tradition. If you visit during the off-season, you can still take in a tour of the building.

If nightlife is more your scene, Madrid has some of the best bars and clubs in all of Europe. Also, don’t forget to take a stroll along the Gran Vía, Madrid’s most popular street for tourists to take in modern-day Madrid.

Don’t forget to visit Spain’s other well-known Metropolitan Center, Barcelona. Along the way, you can stop in Zaragoza and visit the famous Cathedral of San Salvador, and many other attractions Zaragoza has to offer. We end our tour in Barcelona.

The host city of the 1992 Summer Olympics and home of over 5 million people, Barcelona has plenty to offer everyone. Las Ramblas is a street featuring shops, as well as plenty of street vendors, which culminates at the pier and the statue of Christopher Columbus.

Alternatively, you can take a stroll through Guell Park, designed by Gaudi, and go to the top of the Park to take in a view of Barcelona. Don’t forget to take in the designs and architecture by Gaudi here, as they are colorful and impressive.

Lastly, as a coastal city, Barcelona features a number of beaches and the lifestyle that goes along with many European beach locations. Take a stroll along the beach or the coastline and observe the activities of the locals and tourists.

Offering historical landmarks and fun activities in areas both inland and on the coast, a tour of Spain will leave you excited and filled with wonderful memories. Contact Marvelous Travel at (610)-277-6165 to plan your trip through Spain today!