The Time to Plan Last Minute Trips is Now

With today’s technology and over 200,000 travel websites, it’s tempting to plan a last minute getaway on your own. Some travelers plan vacations over a year in advance, as was the trend of the past, However, many choose to wait it out for the too-good-to-be-true deals. But are those deals real or will the last-minute type exceed their fastidious counterparts’ rates in the end?

Pros of Last Minute Travel

Almost everyone knows someone who’s gotten an unbelievable last-minute travel deal. That’s because the bargains are seemingly everywhere on the Internet. There’s even an app for that: according to there are six apps, actually, that help locate cheap rates.

If you understand the value of a travel expert, your travel consultant is able to access special travel deals and check periodically with tour operators and cruise lines. Many cruise lines will even honor a fare reduction if the rates drop before the vacationers have made their final payments. Some people enjoy the spontaneity of taking a trip unexpectedly. They are the ideal candidates for spur of the moment travel opportunities.

Cons of Waiting to Book

Many budget conscious people desire savings on travel, but do last minute deals actually deliver? While the steals may focus on one facet of the trip, such as hotel rooms, travelers can run into unexpected costs elsewhere. Those who can get a cheap stay will have to fly to the destination if it’s not nearby, and airlines are notoriously unforgiving to the procrastinators. If travelers are forced to choose a pricey roundtrip to reach their destination, the cost may exceed their savings on the hotel room(s).

Booking last minute is also not for those who crave organization. Those venturing out on a last minute getaway will also need to pack a flexible disposition.

The Bottom Line

If you know you want to plan a vacation now, don’t wait another minute. Pricing on hotels and airfare can change from day to day or even hour to hour. An experienced travel consultant can help vacationers secure prices that are within their budgets before the fares go any higher as the departure date nears.

Marvelous Travel is a Philadelphia-area travel agency with resources to plan trips throughout the world. The agency got its start planning cruises, and still helps clients book trips on top liners such as Royal Caribbean International’s Freedom of the Seas®. To plan a last minute trip with Marvelous Travel, contact their offices today at 610-277-6165.