Planning Your Vacation

Are you ready to start planning your family’s next getaway for Thanksgiving 2013? Traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday season is a popular time to getaway, yet many find it hard to choose where to go during Turkey season. It’s time to start exploring the perfect travel destinations so that your family can book now in order to get the best deals and most options.

Some of the top places to travel to around Thanksgiving may not surprise many, like traveling to New York City for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. New York City is a place that truly gains a magical spirit around this time of the year, so we suggest a bit of sight-seeing while in NYC. But if the cold weather is not your forte, then let’s think of somewhere a bit more tropical and warmer, like the Caribbean. When is the Caribbean not a popular place to travel to? Escape the cold fall months and get a taste of true paradise on the relaxing white sand beaches.

If you would sooner stick to the traditional aspect of the holiday, travel to Plymouth, Massachusetts (where historians believe to be the location of the first Thanksgiving). There are plenty of activities for your family to engage in, which is perfect for an educational/fun atmosphere for the holiday.

But if you would rather combine the Thanksgiving holiday season with the warmth of the beach, perhaps your family would enjoy traveling to St. Augustine, Florida, a place where some historians argue to be the location of the first actual Thanksgiving celebration in 1565. Whatever the case may be, your family can enjoy a piece of tradition, mixed with endless beaches and gorgeous Florida sun.

Another exciting excursion to take on with your family during Thanksgiving is to visit the beautiful Arizona landscapes. Why not travel out west to explore the reservations of our nation’s first inhabitants, the Native American Indians? Discover the beauty of Arizona and get a taste of Native American culture.

Wherever your family decides to travel, remember that if you are planning to travel around this Thanksgiving, now is the time to start booking. At Marvelous Travel our goal is to make your traveling experience everything you would want and more. Whether you are aiming for a historical adventure or just want a peaceful beach vacation, as your trusted travel consultants and professional travel experts, we will make sure that you are landing at the right destination. Call Marv today at 610-277-6165 to start discussing travel plans.

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