Safety & Common Sense Allow You to Make the Most Out of Your Cruise

The following suggestions are meant to minimize headache and maximize fun during your cruise. Using your own common sense, while keeping the safety of yourself and others in mind, can help you easily enjoy the trip of a lifetime while you experience the adventure of being out on the open ocean.

1. Do not allow horseplay or climbing on the railing of your balcony.

2. Tip the crew. Gratuities are now being prepaid with the opportunity to cancel them by going to guest services, but do not do it. The crew members on the ship rely on your recognition and they deserve to receive a gratuity, which is commensurate with their service.

3. Many ships are now offering unlimited alcoholic beverages. Be reasonable. Do not overdo it for your own sake and for the sake of fellow passengers.

4. Keep your wristwatch set on ship time, not the time in port, or you will be late when the ship leaves. Do not rely on your cell phone to give you the correct time either. Be back onboard at least an hour or two before the ship is scheduled to pull away.

5. Do not leave your balcony door open. The ensuing draft could cause the cabin door to slam shut.

6. Turn off data from roaming on your cell phone and switch it to airplane mode.

7. Book your cruise and purchase travel insurance through an experienced cruise travel consultant. Protect yourself and your investment.

While the items above are common sense, many are crucial, like keeping “ship time.” Time will often fly during a cruise and the related activities. Wearing a watch to keep track of ship time is essential to make sure that you are not left behind. Relying solely on cellular time, could lead to a huge mistake since cell phones show local time not ship time. The ship follows its own schedule and departs on its own time.

Keep yourself and those around you safe and secure.
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