“Soft Adventure Vacations Can Please Everyone,” says Marvelous Travel

Vacations categorized as “soft adventure” are proving to be a popular choice as families book for the upcoming summer vacation season, says Marv Weber, co-owner of Marvelous Travel. But what does “soft adventure” entail? These vacations are ones in which travelers, typically corporate groups and multi-generational families, can enjoy new experiences that have both exciting and relaxing elements to please the entire group.

Some examples of soft adventure vacations, as noted in a www.Tripology.com blog titled “Multigenerational Vacations Bring Families Together,” are cruises and theme parks. Destination itineraries can be modified to the vacationer’s preferences, and that’s where Marvelous Travel steps in. The agency, boasting over 18 years experience, can recommend the location that’s right for your family, and alleviate the stress of planning for multi-generational needs 

Marvelous Travel began as a cruise-only agency and its founders, Sue and Marv Weber, have many insights into this travel-type having taken their own multigenerational cruise and land vacations with their two sons and five grandchildren. Today’s cruises feature: surfing, rock climbing, zip-lining and ice-skating for soft adventure on board the ships. On-shore beach excursions enable vacationers to kayak, sail, snorkel, SCUBA, and get cozy with native wildlife. At the end of the day, however, guests return to the ship with all the amenities for relaxation in luxurious restaurants, scintillating spas, and on many poolside decks.

Theme parks offer different experiences for whole family. At most theme parks you’ll find thrill rides and splash-filled flumes that will entertain the more adventurous crowd. Not all theme parks are suitable for this type of family vacation, however, and Tripology has noted Sea World as a great choice because with educational entertainment mixed with choose-your-own-adventure rides. At Sea World and Disney World there are activities for all travelers to enjoy.

Marvelous Travel can assist in identifying the perfect location for multi-generational family vacations that offer the soft adventures to please all. Contact the travel agency directly at (610) 277-6165 or visit them online at www.marveloustravel.com.