Traveling Between Labor Day and New Year’s Eve 2013 Are you itching to travel but unsure about when the best time to plan your getaway may be? No need to worry but now is the time to book it. Let Marvelous Travel’s professional travel consultants and experienced travelers guide you through the planning process, designing safe travels as well as a … [Read more...]

Passport Requirements  Very important! Please read the following information regarding changes to passport requirements. These changes impact U.S. Citizens and non-U.S. Citizens. Expired passports are not acceptable.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND CARRYING A PASSPORT VALID FOR SIX MONTHS BEYOND THE DURATION OF YOUR TRAVEL.  Air Travel: As of January 23, … [Read more...]

Pre-booking Questions Are you planning a vacation?   Let Marvelous Travel help you book your next vacation.   Answer these questions so that real planning can begin: 1.     Who is going on this vacation?  Are they adults, young children, seniors, etc? 2.     Why are you taking this vacation?  Is the purpose for relaxation, cultural enrichment, … [Read more...]