Traveling Between Labor Day and New Year’s Eve 2013

Are you itching to travel but unsure about when the best time to plan your getaway may be? No need to worry but now is the time to book it. Let Marvelous Travel’s professional travel consultants and experienced travelers guide you through the planning process, designing safe travels as well as a vacation experience that you will never forget. Sue and Marv Weber started their travel business in 1993 motivated by their passion for traveling. Since then they have helped thousands of clients plan the perfect vacation getaway.

First and foremost, if you are planning any sort of vacation between Labor Day and New Year’s, it is best to plan and book the vacation at least three holidays or 10 months in advance. Knowing this piece of information will ensure that you and your family will have the luxury of choosing all vacation options as well as taking Advantage of “Early Booking Discounts.” Who would not like to save a little bit of money while also traveling to the vacation destination of their dreams?

Marvelous Travel provides their clients with a thorough overview of the various options in travel destinations, whether you desire a resort vacation or a cruise vacation. Sue and Marv and Marilyn are trusted consultants in the business, but more importantly have the traveling experience to back up their professional insight. As passionate travelers, they understand the importance of creating a relaxing, exciting, and safe traveling experience.

As experienced consultants and travelers, Marvelous Travel can book a vacation for you that is all that you need at a price you can afford. Remember, if you are planning to get away sometime between Labor Day and New Years, there is no better time to start planning than now. Call Marvelous Travel today at, 610-277-6165 and get started planning the vacation of your dreams.