Travel Tips

Tips When Traveling

Vacation travel tips• Avoid wearing clothing, jewelry or other accessories that contain metal when traveling through airport security checkpoints. This could include heavy jewelry, clothing with metal buttons or snaps and belts with metal buckles. Put keys, loose change, mobile phones, pagers and PDAs in carry on bags before going through security.

• Notify, before you leave, the company of the credit card you are using while on vacation. They will know that there might be different spending patterns and will not delay your approvals. They might also offer some helpful services they can provide while you are traveling.

 • Leave a copy of your itinerary, passport and visa at home with a relative or friend. Also keep a copy with you away from the originals. This makes it easier to replace these documents with the information if they are lost or stolen.

• Go to for passport and visa information, International travel information including travel warnings and alerts and laws and policies.

 • 3-1-1 rule for carry on bags

  • Liquids, aerosols and gels in 3.4 oz. bottles or less
  • 1 quart sized, clear, plastic, zip top bag
  • 1 bag per passenger to be placed in a screening bin

If you have any doubt about these requirements. Put the liquids in checked luggage.