What’s Included at an All-Inclusive Resort?

In theory, an all-inclusive resort seems way too good to be true. But…they actually are that good.

If you can’t decide between Eggs Benedict and Belgian waffles, you can just get both. If you want to finally try a Chocolate Martini or Roy Rob, or any number of bizarre cocktails you’d never normally risk money on, you can go for it. Not sure if you’re going to like the catamaran sunset cruise? No problem – it’s included! Give it a try and, if you don’t like it, you can always paddle back to shore and lay on the beach instead.


So exactly what is an all-inclusive vacation?

An all-inclusive vacation is where you pay one amount upfront and then don’t have to pay for anything (or most things) on-site after you arrive at your hotel. In addition to your resort accommodation, your travel consultant can arrange for your package to include your flight as well as airport transfers.


Exactly what is included?

By and large, most all-inclusive resorts are going to offer basically the same things:

– Your room (obviously)

– Unlimited food

– Unlimited drinks

– Kid’s clubs and activities

– Scheduled entertainment

– Access to things like on-site fitness centers, clubs, and bars

– Land activities (like tennis and beach volleyball)

– Water sports (like snorkeling and sailing)

– Taxes and services


What’s the catch?

Not a lot. Keep in mind that like anything else, there are exceptions to the rule.


So what’s NOT included? It varies from hotel to hotel, but you’ll normally find some combination of the following:

– Spa treatments

– Unusual Food. Some resorts may make you pay an upcharge on certain items e.g., lobster or room service.

– Drinks. Some resorts may charge for certain top-shelf spirits or full bottles of wine.

– Activities. There are normally some activities you’ll need to pay extra for – spa treatments for example, or scuba driving.

– Random add-ons. Gifts at the gift shop. Laundry service. Doctor visits. Things like that.

And that’s pretty much it. If you’re not sure, ask your travel consultant. For the most part, you can be secure in the knowledge that you’re not looking at any additional costs.


Here’s a TIP…

RE: gratuities – this is where a lot of resorts vary. Some expect that you’ll still be tipping your bellboy, maid, and servers, while others specifically ask that you don’t. Make sure you ask before you go to avoid any misunderstandings.


Who are all-inclusive vacations for?

There are scores of different all-inclusive resorts out there, for just about every different type of traveler.

Who: Couples

What: Looking for romance? There are many couples-only resorts where you can be pretty much assured your romantic sunset beach walk won’t be ruined by a bachelorette party or a screaming toddler. At an adults-only resort, you can hang out at the bar and dance at the club without being overrun by crowds of children.

Where: The Caribbean and Mexico

Why: Not having to calculate the cost of that second glass of champagne means you can have a romantic vacation with none of the stress.

Who: Adults

What: Want to steer clear of kids, but also don’t want to be surrounded by love-struck honeymooners?

Why: Organized activities give guests the chance to mingle, and on-site bars and nightclubs let you cut loose without having to keep track of whose round it is.

Who: Families

What: Want to take the kids on vacation without having to worry about racking up tons of extra costs? Most family-friendly all-inclusive resorts have more to keep the kids busy than they could ever do in one trip…including childcare for when you need a break.

Why: Kids’ clubs, water parks, game rooms, and daycare will keep kids of all ages entertained, so you can lounge by the pool bar or hit the fitness center.

And that’s your all-inclusive primer!  

Ready for the next step?

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