Reasons to Avoid Booking Travel on the Internet

Top Ten Reasons Not to Book Travel on the Internet

 1. The website booking engine couldn’t tell you that, although the plane lands in Costa Rica at 3:00 AM, airport services close and taxi drivers go home at midnight. A good travel agent could.

 2. When you Googled “Caribbean All-inclusive Resort,” 15.3 million responses popped up. A knowledgeable travel agent would know what you need to know.

 3. When the internet site charges you several times for the same package, you could try getting your credit card company or your state’s Attorney General to help you get the money back.

 4. So your “Oceanview Junior Suite” is only a studio overlooking the parking lot, huh? Try calling that discount travel site’s “Contact Us” phone number from your island paradise.

 5. Cyberspace is not reality – there are little children frolicking in the pool. This was the “Honeymoon Special” on the website’s home page. Travel agents know where you would enjoy an adults-only honeymoon.

 6. Your bags are delivered to room no bigger than an oversized closet. What kind of telephoto/wide angle/zoom lens did the hotel use when it posted pictures of their guest rooms?

 7. You stand in lines everywhere on the cruise ship – check-in, mealtime, and for shows in the theater. A travel agent could have arranged VIP service and pre-registered you beforehand.

 8. After all the hours of researching and checking online reviews of countless resorts, you can almost qualify to be a travel consultant. Not that any of that information you gathered is certified, guaranteed to be real, is it?

 9. How could you possibly have known the picturesque villa overlooking the Aegean Sea you booked is only a room with a microwave and a large window – no AC, no balcony?

 10. It’s winter and the website had a “great deal” on a Hawaiian getaway to the island of Kauai. What they didn’t tell you is that your resort near Mount Waialeale is one of the wettest places on earth and that winter is the rainy season.