Planning a Wedding or Honeymoon?

You Can Have a Fabulous Honeymoon

1. Start planning at least six, preferably ten, months in advance.

 2. Ask friends and family for suggestions re: a destination and recommendations for resorts there.

 3. Look for travel agents who have travelled to the destinations you are considering.

4. Choose one of these travel agents – one who has had lots of experience in planning honeymoons.

5. What is your budget? Tell your travel agent how much you comfortably have available to spend.

6. Be as flexible as possible with your dates so that your travel consultant can take advantage of the best promotions and lowest prices.

 7. Disclose frequent flyer miles available as well as hotel rewards points or time shares you may be able to use.

8. Be honest with your travel consultant about your personal needs and preferences.

 9. Ask every question that comes to your mind. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.

10. Discuss travel insurance options with your travel consultant. Protect this extraordinary purchase for safety and peace of mind. 

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