Why Use A Travel Agent?

What is the difference between a travel agent and a travel consultant?

There are some things technology cannot offer and a personal touch is one of them. The Internet is a valuable resource tool but it cannot replace the expertise, guidance and personal service that an experienced travel consultant can provide.

The difference between a travel consultant and a travel agent is that an agent just books what you ask for and travels very little or not at all.  As travel consultants:

1. We understand where to look for the best values and options.

2. We know what questions to ask you as well as answers to the questions that you ask us.

3. We can offer you insider tips and suggestions based on 20 years booking vacations.

Most importantly,

4. Because of our extensive travel, we have probably been where you want to go. We have genuine experiences not just virtual knowledge.


10 Reasons to use a Travel Consultantbook a vacation

1. Trust – Marvelous Travel develops a working relationship with you not “virtual reality” in cyberspace. We have been travel consultants since 1994. You can meet us in our office, call us seven days a week and trust that we will work in your best interests.

2. Value – We can save you time and money. Our personalized service will save you from the frustration of having to evaluate the overwhelming number of offers you can find online.

3. Convenience – We can handle every aspect of your vacation, offering you options, ideas, and suggestions to make your vacation the best possible experience.

4. Support – Marvelous Travel works for you not the supplier. We use our experience and travel industry relationships to help you take advantage of the system.

5. Objectivity – We book your travel based on your needs and wishes, not ours.

6. ExpertiseWe have been there. You can use our knowledge and experience to your benefit.

7. Choice – We will offer you packages and competitive pricing from a variety of travel suppliers giving you the upper hand in evaluating what is best for you.

8. Service – Our “personal touch” works to book your vacation in ways that a website cannot.

9. Insurance – As travel consultants, we will help you insure your investment.

10. Peace of mind – Marvelous Travel makes “M/Ms” possible – Marvelous Memories!